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This page is to illustrate visitors regarding our policies with collection, using, and disclosure of
Personal data. When a user decided to use our Service, these policies would be automatically
applied by the user. If you choose our service, then you agree to collection and use of
information in relation to this policy. We use the personal information providing and improving
the service. We don't use or share any information with other people or companies except as
described in this PRIVACY POLICY.
The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions,
which is accessible at Jumbo TV APP unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.
Why are we collecting information and using it?
We are collecting information about the user for a better experience, while using our service.
For this maybe we need certain personal information. The Information, which is requested from
us will not be retrained on your device and will not be collected by us in any way.
The app doesn't use third party services that may collect information used to identify you. It can
be changed without giving notice and if you use the service you agree with that. Because of this
please visit our Privacy Policy as often it requires.
Log Data
We want to inform you that whenever you use our service, in case of an error or version
incompatibility of the app and the device, that we collect your data for taking information
(through third party products) on your device called Log Data. Those Log data may include
information such as your device operating system version, internet protocol ("IP") address and
the device name. Date and Time is too visible in the log data.
In this section we will give you some information about the cookies. Cookies are small amounts
of data which will be saved on your device's internal memory. This was sent to your browser
from the websites that you visit. We don't directly use cookies but the app may use third party
code and libraries that use "cookies" to improve their services. While using a browser you can
accept this or refuse these cookies. When you first visit a website, you would be asked by the
devices if you want to save cookies. In this case you can agree or disagree.

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